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Altrus Capital’s Venture Capital arm is a dynamic and forward-thinking entity within the larger Altrus financial ecosystem. It operates with a strategic focus on identifying cyclical investment opportunities that have demonstrated resilience during economic recessions. The team’s primary objective is to achieve a substantial return on investment, aiming for a 4x growth within a relatively short timeframe of 3 to 5 years. This aggressive approach to growth makes the Venture Capital arm an attractive option for investors seeking high-reward strategies.



The Altrus Capital Titan Fund is a prominent investment vehicle known for its unique and highly specialized approach to the financial markets. This fund distinguishes itself by placing a strong emphasis on commodities, equity indexes, and certain individual stocks, while hyper-focused on optimized market timing, and a commitment to maximizing liquidity and agility for our investors. Established to offer an alternative investment strategy, the Titan Fund stands as a powerful force in the world of asset management.



The Altrus Capital Opportunity Fund is a distinctive investment vehicle that sets its sights on high-growth sectors, targeting companies in their angel stages of fundraising. With a strategic vision that emphasizes the importance of early-stage investments, the fund deploys capital into these companies at its discretion. The primary objective of this fund is to facilitate diversification and generate compounded returns, all within the context of a longer-term investment horizon.

Our Ambition drives our creative capability – the more we drive the Ambition (Future) the more it drives capability – within ourselves, our team, and ultimately our investment results.

Braden Hudye

Co-Founder & CTO

My background is heavily focused on connecting people, bringing access to potential deals and company infrastructure, which I utilize firmly in every potential deal or opportunity that comes across my desk. My experience in my own companies that I have successfully exited plays a huge role in our decision process at Altrus.

Matt Massick

Co-Founder and Managing Partner


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