Altrus Capital, a leading investment firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona, has announced a multi-million dollar placement of capital in ECO Integrated Technologies Inc., a water conservation, safety, and preservation company that specializes in the agricultural, commercial, municipal, and industrial sectors.

Altrus Capital

ECO Technologies uses patented technologies that conserve water through a platform that prevents scale and biofouling conserving up to 75% of water usage in commercial cooling systems used in data centers, commercial buildings, and healthcare facilities. The technology is a valuable resource for companies and organizations in a variety of industries. ECO has multiple innovative products that are poised to protect our most important asset: water. The investment from Altrus Capital will help ECO expand its marketing reach and make its technology more widely available to global customers.

“We are excited to invest in ECO Technologies and support their innovative approach to water conservation and the health of aqueous environments,” said Chris Gruler, President of Altrus Capital. “We believe that ECO is poised to have a stronghold in the marketplace with their patented technologies and we are looking forward to seeing them expand and become an industry leader in the near future.”

“The team at ECO Integrated Technologies, Inc. is fortunate to have the confidence and business development support of highly respected partners like Altrus Capital and its leadership.” Remarked ECO CEO Jess Rae Booth

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